10 Home Staging Hacks You Need to Know

home staging hacks

First impressions are everything, and nowhere is this more true than in real estate. When looking to sell your home you want to make sure it looks its absolute best to potential buyers, from landscaping and curb appeal to interior design. This is where home staging comes in. 

Home staging means decorating in a way that draws attention to the most impressive aspects of your home and helps buyers picture themselves moving in and making it their own. Home staging can have a make or break effect on how a buyer views your home – if the home is messy and cluttered with personal objects, buyers may see the home as an extension of you rather than as a well-decorated blank slate for them. 

As such an important part of the home-selling process, home staging is well worth your investment of time and effort. Fortunately, many of the best home staging tips are inexpensive, as well. Below, we’ll go through ten of our best home staging hacks to impress buyers and make your home shine. 

Number 1: Clean it like you mean it

All that cleaning you’ve been putting off? Yup, now’s the time. Your home can be beautifully arranged and decorated, but if it isn’t clean, you’ll definitely lose points in the eyes of buyers. A clean home implies that you’ve taken great care of it as long as you’ve lived there; a dirty home implies the opposite. Cleanliness can reassure buyers that there won’t be any nasty surprises once they move in. 

When cleaning your home for staging, make sure not to gloss over any typically neglected areas like dusty blinds or the inside of your fridge. Look at baseboards, ceiling corners, and everything in between. 

Number 2: Clear out the clutter

Do you know the feeling when you declutter your home and suddenly realize how much space you really have? Buyers know that feeling too. A cluttered home feels smaller, and therefore less valuable. A clutter-free home feels more spacious and more appealing to buyers. 

Decluttering for a staging means getting back down to basics. You’ll want to pack up your decor, leaving only a few subtle or minimalistic pieces. Check your closets for any out of season clothes, like winter coats in the summer, and pack those up too. Essentially, clear away anything you don’t need daily. This doesn’t mean just hiding boxes in your closets, either. Buyers will be opening your closets to check out potential storage space, so you want storage space, as well as living space, as clutter-free as possible. 

Number 3: Ramp up your repairs

If there are minor repairs you’ve been meaning to get around to, this is a great time to check them off your to-do list. Things like caulking cracks, spackling dents and holes, and making paint touch-ups serve the same purpose as a thorough cleaning – showing buyers that you’ve taken good care of the property. 

Number 4: Feng shui your furniture

This tip can combine rearranging and decluttering. You want to make sure there’s as much walkable space as possible so potential buyers can easily navigate your home. Getting rid of any extra or oversized furniture makes your home feel more spacious and helps buyers picture their own furniture in the space. 

Number 5: Know your neutrals

Overly bright colors on your walls, just like busy decorations and crowded furniture, make it difficult for your buyers to picture themselves in your home. Neutral paint colors like white, gray, and taupe, on the other hand, can help buyers picture decorating the home in their own unique style. Repainting can take a bit more time and money than these other hacks, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re able to get it done. 

Number 6: Let in some light

As part of your home staging, you’ll want to let as much light shine in your house as possible. Opening the blinds on all your windows will make your home seem brighter, happier, and more spacious. You should also turn on all the lights in your house, including lamps and closet lights, to make your home seem more welcoming. 

Number 7: Fresh, green, and clean

While too many personalized decorations in the home can distract buyers and detract from perceived value, a few green, healthy plants placed around the home can add freshness and life to the space. If your thumb is more brown than green, fake plants are an easier, equally effective way to go. 

Another aspect of freshness (and cleanliness) is scent. Make sure to empty your garbage before each showing, and consider using scented plug-ins in one or two rooms for a pleasant, subtle smell. 

Number 8: Stage where it matters

All rooms aren’t created equal when it comes to home staging. The living room, kitchen, and master bedroom are the rooms most likely to influence a buyer’s decision, so focus your staging efforts there. 

Number 9: Give you home an (un)personal touch

This goes right along with the decluttering mentioned earlier, but focuses on getting rid of the personal touches you’ve made to your home. This may seem counterintuitive, but just like the decluttering, it helps buyers picture themselves, rather than you, in the home. 

Depersonalizing your home can mean taking down framed family photos, anything overtly religious, political or sports related and anything hanging on your fridge. It will feel odd, but it will help buyers better connect with your home. 

Number 10: Make a good first impression

Our last tip is for your first impression: make a good one. The front entrance to your home is the first thing buyers will see, so make sure to take down any out of season decorations, power washing or at least scrubbing dirt off the stoop, and adding a few simple, inviting touches like a doormat or a few potted plants. 

Staging a home doesn’t have to take a huge investment in terms of time or money. With these hacks, you’re already all set for successful staging. Contact us today to start getting your home sold! 

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