Houses Aren’t the Only Hot Buy in Spokane: Check Out Land and Acreage Listings South of Town

land and acreage listings around Spokane

As more people leave cities across the U.S., it can get harder to find land and acreage. Fortunately, there are plenty of land and acreage listings around Spokane. Find prime lots that are perfect for spreading your family out, making room to grow and enjoying everything Eastern Washington has to offer.

Know Your Acreage Desires 

Many people don’t understand the difference in having two acres and 20 acres, but it can be a big difference. Two acres means that you have some room to spread out and can maybe get an outdoor animal or two to suit your lifestyle. Two acres is a common starting point for people who are looking for land for the first time, but it’s certainly not enough for someone who wants a hobby farm, hunting land or plenty of places to hike and explore. Land that has 20 or more acres, on the other hand, can offer all of these things and more. 

By knowing how much acreage you want from the beginning, you will be more successful when you’re searching for the perfect land and acreage listing around Spokane. Starting out small can be helpful since smaller lot sizes are easier to manage, but if you want room to grow your family or your interests, you may want to start out big from the beginning.

Focus on Your Needs 

When you’re looking at land and acreage listings around Spokane, you should have an idea of what you’re going to do on that land. Are you going to raise your kids? Animals? Add more buildings for your parents as they get older? Each of these things may require different types of land. It’s important to keep your “right now” acreage goals in mind right now but also look ahead to the future. Make sure that if you want to add a cottage for mom and dad that you can put an ADU on your land, be sure to have the land perc’d and inspected if you’re going to build your dream house and be clear on the difference between a hobby farm and a commercial operation so you don’t get in over your head. 

If It Seems Too Good to Be True…

It might not actually be. Right now is an excellent time to buy land in the Spokane area and you can get an incredible deal on the perfect piece of land for your family. Always be wary of things that seem like they are priced too low but also take other things into consideration like why the Seller is letting the property go, if they’ve subdivided the land or even if its in an area out of town. You may be surprised just how low prices can dip for the simple fact that they require a long drive to the city. You’ll lose out on some conveniences, but it can be worth it for the price. 

Do Your Research 

This is where having a real estate professional who is familiar with the Spokane market will be your key to finding the perfect property. Your realtor can help you make sure that you’re truly getting a good deal on property, can walk you through the steps of doing your due diligence on the property and can even help you discover financing options you might not know about just because you’re purchasing land. While your realtor can’t inspect your property or finance your mortgage for you, they can certainly point you in the right direction. In fact, they can even lead you right to the ones they trust the most! 

Secure Financing 

Knowing what you can afford is crucial in any real estate search but becomes even more so when you’re looking at land and acreage listings around Spokane. It can be soul-crushing to find the perfect piece of land for your dream house to only find out that you can’t afford it. There are no rules that apply to every buying situation, but it is always a good idea to get prequalified before you start shopping around. While you’re at it, you should also consider what you can realistically afford. Many people are surprised to find that they’re qualified for a much larger mortgage than what they were thinking. Before prequalification, factor a payment into your budget. Then, stick with it. 

If you’re looking for land and acreage listings around Spokane, the process is not much different from looking for houses. Let a highly-qualified real estate professional guide you through the process. Contact Our Home Spokane today!

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