How to Move on a Budget in Spokane

Moving can be costly for so many reasons, but the actual moving part doesn’t have to be. From packing to planning, these tips will make it easier to save on your move. Learn how to move on a budget so you can save money for other things. 

Plan Your Move 

While it’s not always a possibility, planning your move is one of the easiest ways that you can save money! If you are not in a situation where you have to urgently move, take some time to plan it out. Try to avoid moving in the busy summer months (things are busier and tend to be more expensive), and take the time to research pricing. By planning far in advance, you can save money on things like rental trucks and some moving services. Planning it out will also give you a jumpstart on a more organized move! 

Get Smart About Packing 

When you’re packing your items, make sure that you do so in a way that you utilize all the space you have. By making sure that you take up all the space that’s available in a box or packing container, you will reduce the need for more boxes. This means fewer things to move, more room on a moving van, or even a lower charge from moving companies. 

Toss It 

If you want to know how to move on a budget, it’s all about downsizing. This is true even if you’re upgrading to a bigger home! Go through all of your belongings before you even begin to pack. Make piles to keep, donate, and throw away. The more items that you’re able to throw away or donate, the less expensive your move will be! A few tips on that front include not keeping stuff you haven’t used in years, getting rid of damaged items, and double-checking to make sure there aren’t any other things you might have missed when creating your piles. You may be surprised to find you can get rid of even more! 

To Hire…Or Not? 

In most instances, it doesn’t make sense to hire a moving company when you’re figuring out how to move on a budget. If you have a long way to move, a very large item (think piano), or you have a unique moving situation, you may want to consider hiring a moving company. Otherwise, you can do almost everything yourself! If you do decide to hire a moving company, shop around for prices, learn about their policies, and try to find legitimate reviews on the company before shelling out any cash! 

Embrace the Free 

Moving boxes are a major no-no when you’re trying to figure out how to move on a budget! While it may be tempting to grab same-size boxes from the moving van company when you put a deposit down on your rental, don’t do it! You can find free boxes from places like dollar stores and office supply companies. Try to stay away from grocery store boxes, especially ones that carried food. Another great option is to visit a local liquor store. The boxes are on the smaller side but are perfect for things like books and dishes! 

If you want to use boxes that are all the same size from a moving van rental company, talk to the employees at your local office. Many of the big names offer box exchanges where you can pick up free or reduced boxes ready for your move.

Another great option? Talk to your real estate agent! They likely know of a few people who have recently moved and who are wondering what to do with the huge amount of boxes piled up in their new garage. Your agent can act as the middleman and hook you up with some gently used boxes! 

Get Creative 

Do you want to hire a mover to get the big pieces of furniture to your new home? Or, someone to help you transport your antique piano? If you need moving services but you’re also figuring out how to move on a budget, you may want to consider bartering. People who have skills can offer up their services in exchange for things like moving services. This doesn’t always work, or you may just get a discount instead of getting it for free, but it’s worth a try. Give this a shot with smaller, local companies instead of big names and corporations that don’t have as much flexibility! 

Enlist Your Friends

Find your strongest friends, order some food (and maybe some drinks), and have a moving party! You may even be surprised at how willing your friends are to give you a hand. Don’t forget to invite them over for another (less physically demanding) dinner party once you’re settled into your new home. Also, return the favor when it’s their time to move! 

Are you considering a move? Trying to figure out how to move on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult. Still trying to find the perfect new home to move to? Contact Our Home Spokane and get ready for the best real estate journey! 

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