8 Reasons You Need an Agent to Sell Your Home in Spokane

sell your home in spokane

No matter your project, it’s easy to find do-it-yourself instructions with just a little bit of internet sleuthing. If that blogger/YouTuber/guru can do it all on their own, surely you can too, right? 

There are plenty of projects where this logic applies, but selling your home isn’t one of them. While it might seem simpler, it can actually be a recipe for disaster. Professional advice from an experienced agent is a home-selling must. Check out these 10 reasons why you should never try to sell your home in Spokane without an agent. 

Reason #1: Agents are Knowledgeable

This isn’t to say you haven’t done your own home-selling research, but professional real estate agents are much more knowledgeable in this field than you are because, well, it’s their job. Agents have access to information the average home-seller won’t be able to find online. That allows them to analyze the market and provide valuable insight when it comes to the selling process. Selling your home is one situation where what you don’t know can hurt you! Rather than take the chance – let an experienced real estate agent steer you in the right direction. 

Reason #2: Your Time is Limited. 

Odds are you don’t have the time to play the roles of both seller and real estate agent, not to mention managing your job and home life. If you’re acting as your own agent, you need to be accessible to potential buyers pretty much all the time to avoid missing a sale opportunity. 

  • Do you have the time and know-how to show your home safely at a moment’s notice? 
  • What will you do if there are qualified buyers asking to see your home when you’re out of town? 
  • Do you know the right follow-up questions to ask after a showing? 
  • Will you have the time to reach out to multiple buyers for a response? 

These are only a few examples of responsibilities that can monopolize your time if you’re acting as your own agent. Better to leave those time-sucking concerns to the professionals. 

Reason #3: Image is Everything. 

The saying that “you never get a second chance at a first impression” absolutely holds true when it comes to selling a home. It’s critical to make sure your home is visually appealing to potential buyers, and that means proper staging, professional photography, and even 3D virtual tours. If interior design isn’t your forte, it’s definitely best to leave this to your agent. 

Reason #4: Marketing Doesn’t Come Easy

When you decided to sell your home in Spokane, odds are you didn’t lay out a comprehensive marketing plan on your own. Marketing a home for sale needs to include knowledge of the buyer demographic for your home and neighborhood, a plan for how you’ll reach potential buyers, and a strategy to promote the home listing to other local agents.  And, what social media will you use to promote your property? Do you know what social media sites your ideal buyers typically use?

Marketing planning and research falls under the umbrella of real estate agent expertise, so an agent can (and will!!!) take those concerns off your plate. Real estate agents also have access to strong agent networks that can help them (and you) find likely buyers. When you walk this road alone, any marketing efforts might feel like a shot in the dark. 

Reason #5: No-Nonsense Negotiators. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by multiple offers or a bidding war if you aren’t accustomed to negotiating. A real estate agent, however, is well-versed in the ins and outs of negotiation. He or she knows exactly which terms and conditions put you at a disadvantage as the seller, the costs you should and shouldn’t incur, and how to protect your interests while putting together an agreement with a potential buyer. 

Reason #6: Inspection and Repair Expertise. 

Your real estate agent won’t necessarily be a contractor or a handyman, but he or she will know how to handle items that are flagged by an inspector as needing repair or replacement. They’ll have a list of repair people they trust, and they’ll know exactly which repairs should be the seller’s responsibility. 

Reason #7: An Agent Can Tidy Up the Transaction. 

Once your home is under contract, do you know what you need to do next? It can be a complicated process, and a real estate agent can help guide you through potential pitfalls including low appraisals, home inspection issues, shaky financing on the part of the buyer, and all the other ins and outs of closing. 

Reason #8: Closing protocol.

Speaking of closing – it’s important to know that protocols can vary depending on your market. You need to know when you’re expected to vacate the premises, what condition the home should be in when you leave, and how to handle last-minute issues, including damages. When you have an agent on your team, you won’t have to guess. He or she will help you answer those questions and ensure the journey to closing is a smooth one. 

You Need an Agent to Sell Your Home in Spokane

Overall, the risks of selling your home without an agent clearly outweigh the benefits. An experienced, professional real estate agent is indispensable and can help make sure your home selling process goes as smoothly as possible. Looking to sell your home in Spokane and the surrounding areas? Set up an appointment today so we can chat about your needs and how I can help you navigate this exciting time. 


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