Ways to Wow Potential Buyers at Your Open House

While an open house isn’t always necessary, it can have a big impact on sellers who are in a tough market or who have a house that needs to be seen to be loved. Most sellers will opt for an open house just so they have the chance to make a face to face connection with their buyers. The open house won’t necessarily make or break your ability to sell your house, but it can have a big impact. Here are ways you can wow potential buyers at your Spokane open house! 

Let Your Agent Guide You 

The open house is a time for you to find potential buyers but it’s also a time for your real estate professional to ramp up their selling tactics. A professional will know exactly what to do during your open house and will take the lead. Always follow their directions and do what they’re asking. They may be bringing drinks, cookies to bake in your oven (the smell) or even small staging items, but they’ll likely ask you to do things too! Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to tidy up the house, remove personal decor items and leave for the open house. These and other tasks are all standard. 

Reduce the Clutter 

You’re moving anyway so it’s time to reduce some of the clutter that you have in your home. Not only will this help make your open house more successful but it can also help you long-term for your move. Donate your items or sell them using online resources. You can also have a yard sale if you have time before your open house! Be sure to mention to all your yard sale customers that you’ve got an open house coming up. 

As you’re reducing the clutter in your home, think about things that you wouldn’t want to see if you were at an open house. A basket with blankets in the living room is fine, but a bin with old toys your children don’t play with is clutter. If you have clutter that you’re not able to permanently get rid of, pack it up in a short-term storage unit or ask a friend or family member to hold onto it during your open house! 

Make Small Tweaks to Your Home 

Depending on the reason that you’re selling your home, you might want to make small repairs or changes to your home. This can be tricky if you’re selling your home for financial reasons but it can be important for your open houses. Small things like repairing screws on cabinet doors, tightening up a leaky faucet or wiping down stains on walls are all free or cheap to do and can make a big impact on your open house.

Remember that potential buyers at your Spokane open house want to picture themselves in the space. They’ll want to imagine all the possibilities in that picture instead of all the work they’ll need to do. 

Focus Specifically on These Rooms 

Bathrooms and kitchens sell a home. Similar to updating these rooms, you should be preparing these rooms the most when you’re getting ready for your open house! While you may not have the chance to do a full reno on your bathroom or kitchen, you can get them ready for potential buyers. If you are able to put some work into them, a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference. If you don’t have the time or the money to prepare in that way, a deep cleaning can make a big difference in the way your potential buyers see the home. Clean with a fresh scent and be sure to pay extra attention to sinks, countertops and tubs. Buyers will be looking for that sparkle in both the kitchen and bathroom so be prepared for that! 

Curb Appeal Matters

Any time you’re selling a house, it’s important to make sure that it has curb appeal. This doesn’t mean that you need to completely redo the front of your house, but it should look attractive to buyers who are driving by. This is especially important for your Spokane open house when potential buyers are seeing it for the first time. Weed your flower beds, keep your porch free from debris and remove any clutter that’s on the outside of the house. Each of these things will enhance the beauty of the home while also making it look tidy. 

Is it time for you to jump into selling your home? You’re going to need a professional who is familiar with the Spokane housing market and can help you sell from start to finish. Contact us today!

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